Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Never a dull moment.....

The following is a blog post from Junglemaster about Joel's recent trip up river. It is never a dull moment around here and I always have something to keep me on my knees in prayer...... Praise the Lord for His provisions!


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Building Teamwork between Missions Organizations


Getting our work done in the jungle requires teamwork between multiple missions. And yet, for many reasons, missions (foreign and domestic) don’t tend to work very well together. This is why JungleMaster is a member of a coalition called ALTECO.

ALTECO, or Amazon & Lowland Tribal Empowerment Coalition, is a group that fosters partnerships between like-minded missions. On alternate years this organization hosts conferences in either Colorado or in Pucallpa, Peru. Tom Clark had always wanted to go to one of these conferences because he felt that they were aimed right at one of the issues we face while working in this region: How can we work together effectively with other missions in the jungle?

While the conference in Peru is aimed at the local indigenous people groups, the conference in Colorado, in the off-years, is focused on equipping the member missions organizations. The focus of this year’s 5-day Colorado conference, coming up in May, will be on teaching like-minded ALTECO member missions how to partner with each other. There will be speakers sharing about the various elements of partnering, about how to assess current partnerships, and about how to lay the foundation for the practicalities of working together. Among many other subjects, there will be instruction on biblical examples of working together, on why individual missions can’t get their work done alone and on how we can become more partnership friendly. Best of all, this will be an opportunity for missions to network with each other right at the conference!

Joel McGee is planning to attend the ALTECO conference this year. He is excited for this opportunity and is looking forward to the things he will learn at the conference to make JungleMaster’s work in the jungle more effective.

The total cost for Joel to attend will be $2800.00. Many of you have asked to be informed of special one-time needs such as this. If you are interesting in helping sponsor Joel to attend this valuable training, please consider making a contribution. Thank you so much!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

That's a long way.......

Please be praying today as the team leave for Dos de Mayo. This trip will be a full days journey up the Samiria river with a possible overnight stay along the route if they don't make it to Dos de Mayo by dark. Please pray for the 8 pastors from the Co-Fraternity that left yesterday to go before the team. Please pray for safe travels for everyone, pray for the villagers and pastors in Dos de Mayo that they may be encouraged and enriched by this visit. Pray for Joel, Joe, Dave, and Keny that they may see where God will have them speak and pray and share into the people the love of Christ. Also, the guys have asked for prayers for them spiritually and emotionally. This trip was planned originally with Tom Clark and they are all missing him very much. Pray that they can find peace and do the work laid before them to honor God and Tom. If you would like to follow their travels you can clink the link below:


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Leadership Training

I have been invited to attend Dannah Gresh Leadership Training in the Dominican Republic.

Many of you women and moms out there may know already about Dannah Gresh. For those who may not know her name; she is an amazing woman of God and a pioneer in leading young girls and women around the world to live lives of modesty and purity. She is the author of many books such as And The Bride Wore White, The Lies Young Women Believe, and Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl. She is also the Co-Founder along with her husband of the Pure Freedom and Secret Keeper Girls organizations. I myself have read many of her books and I led a small Bible study for Carmen and her friends using one of Dannah’s devotionals.

Dannah Gresh is hosting Leadership Training in the Dominican Republic November 4 – 6 of this year. She wants to branch out to helping young women in the DR and is providing training to English-speaking missionaries and leaders in that area. An invitation has been extended to three missionaries here in Peru and I was offered one of the invitations.

This invitation came just a day after another missionary friend, Laura, and I were talking to a local pastor about how his church teaches God’s principals on purity, dating, and personal value in this area. And how we can help reach the young women in an area where women are still struggling with oppression. His church is a leader in the community with teaching the youth about God. He was explaining that even in his church they are only teaching the girls to get an education and then marry.

Many of you know I have always enjoyed working with youth and have in some form or another been looking for ways to get more involved. I have been watching, listening, and asking God to show me how to help here. I see a huge need not just here in Peru but, it seems like everywhere to reach out to young women. I feel they are facing so many struggles in today’s social media world. In this area of Peru the excepted message in this male-dominated cultural is so oppressive and damaging. I feel God is putting this opportunity in my path to equip me to help young women not just here in Peru but wherever I am.

Joel and I agree that this is an important opportunity.  So, I am asking that you would join me in prayer as I ask God to help me go to this training. I need to leave on Tuesday November 1, 2016 and return Tuesday November 8, 2016. The total cost for me to go to the training is $1800.  This sum is not part of our budgeted expenses, so it must be over and above what we currently receive.  Thank you so much for all the love and support you have given our family during this time of service to our Father. You will never know how much your prayers and support have not only meant to us but, to so many others!

God Bless,


 Donations can be made to :
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Friday, September 2, 2016

New Video

So we had a missions team from George Fox University in OR come down for two and a half weeks in July. We held a youth event in Nauta, visited and met with the Co-Faternity up river, and we were blessed to be able to accompany the group to Cusco and Machu-Picchu. It was a wonderful trip. Carmen made a video highlighting this trip through her eyes. Check it out...